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Investment Criteria


RPV currently seeks to purchase a small number of lower-middle market operating businesses in Texas and the Southeast US. We are generalists in regards to target industries; however, we are particularly interested in manufacturing, distribution and wholesale. RPV looks to acquire businesses based on the following characteristics:

  • $5.0 – $20.0M purchase price
  • $1.5 – $4.0M EBITDA
  • High gross margins
  • A differentiated business: strong brand, unique technological advantage, exclusivity agreements, high barriers to entry
  • We are open to businesses in niche markets with high customer concentration and/or small total market size as long as the company is a market leader in the niche.
  • Strong management team that will stay in place
  • Low tech business – can be explained in two sentences or less
  • Owner/founder seeks to retire, reduce full-time responsibility or create liquidity