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Nashville, TN (Southeast Region)

McNamara Family Ventures is a southeastern based single-family funded investment office. We aim to acquire small, cash-flow or nearly cash-flow positive, businesses. We are interested in situations where the current founder/owner is looking to exit the business and places a high premium on selling to new owners who place an unparalleled emphasis on job stability and job creation. We recognize that the businesses we buy were built through the efforts and teamwork of the employees that will remain in the business when a current founder/owner exits the business.

McNamara Family Ventures was founded by Kevin and Cary McNamara with the unique objective of purchasing businesses without the intent of ever having to sell the acquired assets. In other words, we acquire businesses for an indefinite period of time and without the intention of exiting the business five or seven years down the road as many private equity investors must do in order to realize a financial return. Unlike many other institutionalized investors, McNamara Family Ventures believes in partnering with businesses for the long-term. Our belief is that by cultivating a strong-cultural working environment, hopefully growing the business, and creating jobs, then the financial returns that so many of our competitors focus on will be taken care of as a byproduct of our efforts.